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Never have I hit reblog so quickly.

All little girls should see this. Truly inspiring!

While I appreciate the message behind this…. adding the sparkles and adding the cutsie mannerisms totally detract from their true impacts.

I wanna see Rosa scowling at some pompous white dude, and I wanna see Curie fucking shit up with radiation! Now that, that’s inspiring!

Even their waistlines have also been thinned down as well as their faces:/

Inspirational women should come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn’t conform to the bullshit ideals of Disney’s princesses!

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Swaggy ❥ #naturalherstory #naturalhair #teamnatural #bighairdontcare #fro #naturalista #afro #naturalbeauty


Swaggy ❥ #naturalherstory #naturalhair #teamnatural #bighairdontcare #fro #naturalista #afro #naturalbeauty


Photos and Words by Frederic Pauwels

Lisboa - You may want to loose your travel guide; in fact, you should, and welcome an invitation for getting lost and immerse yourself. 

Tune in to beat of the Seven Hills City. Slow yourself in the narrow streets of the Alfama - home of the Fado. Pick up the pace on a walk along the river Tagus to Belém. 

Lisbon is the oldest city in Western Europe; it has been torn to the ground and has gone up in flames. It is also the home of the greatest explorators, and yet everything here radiates humility and tenacity. 

Modern street art explodes, old facades and buildings wait for a new life, cobblestones beam everywhere, the yellow trams zoom by. It’s as if time decides to stop and go when it pleases here. 

Few are the places where you could spend two days, or a lifetime, and never get bored. Lisbon is one of them.